How To Safely Dispose of an Old Computer

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Data security is a constant concern in today’s technology-driven business world, as safeguarding company and customer data is crucial to success. One data leak is all it takes to harm a company’s hard-earned reputation, which is why organizations are investing more and more in their IT departments. One aspect of data security that many IT departments don’t deal with on a day-to-day basis, however, is IT asset disposition. This leaves many companies wondering how to safely dispose of their old computers and servers.


Many computers and other pieces of electronic equipment become obsolete every year, and depending on the size of the company, dealing with them properly can be a risky undertaking. In some cases, computers can be upgraded and stay in use, However, with most aging PCs, companies are better off parting ways with them. They can be sold, recycled, or donated, and security should remain top of mind throughout the process.


Before a computer, server, or mobile device can be disposed of, all data and identifying information needs to be permanently removed. Before this process starts, you should make sure that all needed files have been saved to a shared drive or storage drive so they can be transferred to the new computer. Once this is completed, you can’t simply throw the computer away and expect your data to be safe. The best course of action, especially if you’re dealing with many computers and electronic devices, is to partner with an IT asset management company that handles the disposition process and can guarantee that your company’s data will remain protected.


Since 1999, Cascade Asset Management has been providing IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions for all types of businesses from our offices in Madison, Wisconsin; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Orlando, Florida. We specialize in helping companies that have elevated data security concerns from vulnerable industries such as healthcare, finance, technology, insurance, and government. To this end, we are NAID AAA, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001 certified and listed in the Gartner Market Guide for IT Asset Disposition.


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We go to great lengths to ensure a secure chain of custody when we remove devices from an office and transport them to our facility for final disposition. Our background-checked, professionally trained, and bonded employees handle client assets as they are inventoried and transported, so fewer hands are involved. Assets are kept in a locked vehicle, and drivers follow specific protocols whenever exiting the vehicle. Outside of Cascade’s freight zones, we use audited transportation partners.

Cascade employs physical and electronic data destruction techniques, including on-site wiping, crushing, or shredding. Once we’ve completed the secure data destruction process, we implement our customers’ preferred method of disposal. Options include:

  • Recycling of unwanted equipment to ensure minimal environmental impact (we’re an E-Stewards Certified Recycler)
  • Resale through Cascade Marketplace or wholesale channels
  • Donation to a charitable organization or non-profit
  • Redeployment of reusable equipment to your company
  • Returning items to third parties


If your company needs assistance in safely disposing of old computers, servers, mobile devices, or electronic equipment, contact Cascade Asset Management today. We’re confident we can meet your needs securely and cost-effectively.