Providing Secure IT Asset Disposition Solutions for Businesses in Cincinnati, OH

A table strewn with old computers, digital tablets, mobile phones, and more

Your company likely focuses significant resources toward protecting proprietary information on your computers, servers, and smart devices during day-to-day business, but what about when your electronics are being replaced? Do you have a process in place to ensure secure IT asset disposition? If not, or if your current system is lacking, Cascade Asset Management can help. We’ve been providing secure IT asset disposition services to businesses throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio, area since 1999, and we’re confident we can safeguard your company and customer data.


We provide turnkey IT asset disposition services that are designed to ensure secure data destruction and provide a cost-efficient solution for your company. We helped develop industry sustainability standards, and we are certified to the e-Stewards Standard for Ethical and Responsible Reuse, Recycling, and Disposition of Electronic Equipment and Information Technology. Our credentials are also indisputable, as we have earned numerous high-level certifications, including NAID AAA, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001.

When you partner with us for your IT asset disposition, we’ll ensure a secure chain of custody is maintained as we collect, test, and wipe clean your surplus equipment. Once this process has been completed your items can be:

  • Recycled
  • Donated to charity
  • Redeployed within your company
  • Resold
  • Returned to a third-party owner


Few IT asset disposition companies can rival the level of service we offer, as our 99% customer satisfaction rating shows. Contact Cascade Asset Management today if you’d like additional information about the IT asset disposition services we offer to businesses in the Cincinnati, OH, area.