Computer Recycling Services for Businesses in & Around Chicago, IL

Are you unhappy with your current IT asset management company? If you’re a Chicago, Illinois, business owner who is seeking a better solution for your computer recycling needs, Cascade Asset Management has got you covered. We are a privately held, family-run company with multiple full-scale processing facilities to serve clients throughout the nation. Our numerous industry certifications and dedication to the security of our clients’ data have made us one of the leading computer recycling companies around.

Recycling Computers & Other IT Assets Responsibly

At Cascade Asset Management, we operate under four main principles: sustainability, security, customer satisfaction, and maximizing savings for our customers. Because of this, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. As a certified e-Stewards processor, we adhere to the highest standards of environmental responsibility, ensuring your business will be protected from the risks of noncompliance by offering:

  • Protection for worker health and safety
  • Responsible equipment processing
  • Protection for customer data
  • Prevention of hazardous waste exportation

Through our electronics and computer recycling process, we safely dispose of any hazardous materials and convert office computers and other devices into recyclable resources. We can also assist with other disposition options such as redeploying, reselling, returning, or donating old assets.

The Next Steps

Cascade Asset Management has helped Chicago-area businesses with their asset disposition needs since 1999. If you’re ready to trust our team with your company’s old assets, reach out today to request a quote for our services. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our computer recycling process.