A Secure Data Destruction Company Serving Organizations in Minneapolis, MN

Most organizations these days pour huge amounts of time and money into ensuring that company secrets and client data are secured. But with all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day activities, it’s easy to overlook proper IT asset disposition. What is your company doing to ensure secure data destruction when it comes to old company assets such as hard drives and servers? If you’re not sure, or if you know that your current asset management process could use some work, it may be time to call on Cascade Asset Management. We are a secure data destruction company that offers comprehensive asset disposition services for businesses in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and throughout the nation.

Our Asset Disposition Services

At Cascade Asset Management, we are here to help you better serve your employees and clients. From secure hard drive destruction to recycling old devices, we manage the entire asset disposition process from start to finish. Our team will retrieve and transport your assets, quarantining anything that can’t be unlocked until it can be deregistered. Once your devices have been securely wiped, you’ll be able to choose what happens to them. Options include:

  • Redeployment elsewhere in your company
  • Donation to local nonprofits or charities
  • Reselling through our marketplace or wholesale channels
  • Recycling the devices
  • Returning assets to third parties

Since Cascade Asset Management is a certified e-Stewards Recycler, you can be confident that we will ensure your assets are handled properly throughout the process. Have questions about our secure data destruction services or another service we offer? Get in touch today to learn what we can do for your business in Minneapolis.