Secure Data Destruction Ensured for Businesses in Quad Cities, IA

Obsolete hard drives piled up for recycling

If you’re operating a large business in the Quad Cities, Iowa, area, you’ve likely invested significant time and resources in ensuring that your online data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This process is especially important if you’re part of a highly regulated industry like finance, government, healthcare, education, or technology. The steps you’ve taken have likely ensured day-to-day data security, but what about the IT asset disposition process? Do you have a reliable system in place to ensure that the information contained on your unwanted computers, servers, smart devices, and other electronics is destroyed before the items are disposed of? If not, Cascade Asset Management can provide the secure data destruction services you’re lacking.


Secure data destruction is the most important step in the IT asset disposition process. When you partner with Cascade Asset Management, our team will retrieve your unwanted IT assets from your offices, transport them to our facility, and ensure that all data contained on the hard drives are securely destroyed. If we’re unable to unlock any items, they will remain quarantined until they can be deregistered. Once the secure data destruction process is completed, you can choose from the following options for your equipment:

  • Resale through the Cascade Marketplace or wholesale channels
  • Recycling using sustainable practices
  • Donation to local nonprofits or charities
  • Redeployment within your organization
  • Returning items to lessors


See why Cascade Asset Management is the preferred IT asset disposition and secure data destruction company in the Quad Cities, IA, area. Contact us today to learn more.