Secure Data Destruction & Asset Disposition Services for Organizations Throughout St. Paul, MN

Are you searching for a competent secure data destruction company that offers comprehensive asset disposition services for businesses, organizations, schools, and government agencies in St. Paul, Minnesota? If so, look no further than Cascade Asset Management. We understand how important it is to keep data protected in this digital age, which is why our team provides reliable turnkey solutions from secure hard drive destruction to recycling and redeployment of old company assets.

Why Hire a Secure Data Destruction Company?

The importance of secure data destruction cannot be overstated. By not properly disposing of company assets, an organization risks critical data breaches, heavy regulatory fines, and losing the trust of employees and customers. The best way to avoid these potential pitfalls is by turning your unwanted IT assets over to certified professionals for disposal.

At Cascade Asset Management, we offer comprehensive asset disposition services. This means that we will take possession of your old devices, test them to determine potential options, ensure the data is properly wiped, and enable units to be resold, reused, donated, or recycled. By working with us, not only will your business be protected from risk, but you will also have the chance to potentially recoup part of your investment.

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