Secure Data Destruction & Asset Disposition Services for Businesses in Tallahassee, FL

If your business has to pay close attention to data security at all times, then Cascade Asset Management offers a service that you may be interested in. We’re IT asset disposition specialists that can provide secure data destruction for your unwanted computers, servers, and smart devices to ensure that your proprietary data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. If your Tallahassee, Florida, company is part of a highly regulated industry that’s subject to strict privacy laws, a single data leak can have disastrous consequences, including significant fines, expensive lawsuits, and irreparable damage to your reputation. We’ll put our expertise to work to ensure that your IT asset disposition process doesn’t become a weak link in your data protection plan.


When you enlist us to handle the disposal of your unwanted IT assets, we’ll visit your offices to collect and inventory your items before transporting them to our secure facility. There, we’ll perform secure hard drive destruction to wipe your devices of all data. We’ll also maintain a secure chain of custody throughout the process.

Once secure data destruction is completed, you can choose your preferred disposition option. Your devices that are still viable can be:

  • Resold through wholesale channels
  • Donated to a local charity
  • Redeployed within your company
  • Returned to a third-party owner

Devices that are no longer operational can be recycled using eco-friendly practices that follow all environmental regulations.


Cascade Asset Management is the secure data destruction company of choice for businesses throughout the Tallahassee, Fl, area. Contact us today to learn more.