Does Your Louisville, KY, Company Need Secure IT Asset Disposition Services?

Graphic showing computers being recycled

Since 1999, Cascade Asset Management has been providing a service that many companies in the Louisville, Kentucky, area could benefit from but might not be aware of: secure IT asset disposition. We help businesses in highly regulated industries—like government, healthcare, and finance—ensure that their unwanted IT assets, including servers, computers, and smart devices, are completely wiped of data before they’re disposed of. This is crucial for companies that are subject to severe consequences should they allow a data leak to occur. They could face not only fines and penalties but also irreparable damage to their reputation.


When you partner with Cascade Asset Management, we’ll tailor our process to best meet your needs. We’ll collect your unwanted equipment and securely transport it to our facility, where it will be tested and undergo secure data destruction. (Any locked devices will be quarantined until they can be deregistered.) Next, we’ll recycle any unusable devices using environmentally friendly methods that ensure all environmental regulations are followed. You’ll have options for what to do with devices that are still in good working order. They can be:

  • Sold through the Cascade Marketplace or wholesale channels
  • Donated to local charity and nonprofit organizations
  • Redeployed within your company
  • Returned to third-party owners


Cascade Asset Management has earned high-level industry certifications, including NAID AAA, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001, and enjoys a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Contact us today if your Louisville, KY, business could benefit from our IT asset disposition services.