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Day in the Life: Amy Page, Field Tech SupervisorWelcome to the “Day in the Life” series, where we take an inside look at the daily routine of a valued employee at Cascade Asset Management. Our featured employee will share their skills and expertise, insight into our company culture, and shed light on the importance of responsible IT asset disposition (ITAD).

Meet Amy Page, a Field Technician Supervisor for the Indianapolis facility. Previously unaware of the ITAD world, Amy adapted quickly and is continuously learning about this industry. She says Cascade is the most positive environment she has ever worked in, and she hopes to keep growing within the company. Amy’s tip is to, “Always be adaptable, ready to learn, and accept change.”


Day in the Life: Amy Page scheduling routesAmy’s typical day starts at her desk reviewing the upcoming job routes and expectations. Since Cascade performs jobs all over the country, utilizing tools like Google maps to choose the smartest and quickest route is crucial to keeping her team of Field Technicians moving methodically through the pickups. Amy is an active liaison between the Field Technicians and the job’s Customer Service Account Manager (CSAM), accurately explaining what our client’s expectations are on the work site. A good portion of Amy’s day is fielding calls from CSAMs and then communicating with her technicians.


Day in the Life: Amy Page checking oil in the Cascade TruckBefore leaving for job sites, our Field Technicians test our trucks for road readiness by running through a multi-check process. From testing the brakes to checking the oil, it is vital to prepare for the safe passage of our greatest assets, our dedicated and steadfast Field Technicians! 


Day in the Life: Amy Page onsite inventory

Click to view a video of Amy doing inventory

Most of Cascade’s clientele require a full inventory of their assets which can be done on-site or in-house. Click to view the video of Amy doing inventory of VoIPs. While she is not quite this fast in real life, she is well versed in capturing the make, model, serial number, and asset tag on each asset. All of these details are captured in our system which can then be generated into a Receipt Report by our CSAMs for our customers.


Day in the Life: Amy Page doing onsite inventoryOnsite work is one of Cascade’s many specialties. Our background-checked and uniformed Field Technicians can do onsite inventory, hard drive crushing, degaussing, de-manufacturing, wiping, and more. We bring everything we need to get the job done to ensure the assets are taken care of, and we can provide full reporting before we leave. 


Day in the Life: Amy Page checking for media

As technology advances, data storage devices are getting smaller

Media checks are a crucial step of the asset assessment process. As technology changes and data storage devices (DSDs) get smaller and smaller, it’s important to work with an ITAD company that knows where to look for hidden storage devices. Some DSDs are obvious while others are hidden; here Amy shows us an example and teaches her Field Technicians how to do the same. The last thing a company needs is a data breach.


Day in the Life: Amy Page disassembling a thin client

Disassembling a thin client

It’s not uncommon to see Amy donning cut-resistant gloves and safety glasses and jumping into the disassembly line when needed. Each of our Disassembly Technicians is taught how to take apart assets and then sort components into commodity categories for our e-Stewards-approved downstream vendors. In the photo, Amy demonstrates one of the many steps required to break down a thin client.

Day in the Life: Amy Page disassembling a laptop

Click to view a video of Amy disassembling a laptop

Laptop disassembly varies by brand and age, but there are multiple things to consider. Data storage devices, the screen, all client stickers, and the battery must be removed before the laptop base finds itself in the commodities bin. The sped-up video shows Amy taking apart a laptop. In real life this would take 6-8 minutes.


Day in the Life: Amy Page & the IN Field Tech Team

Amy & the Indianapolis Field Tech Team

And that is a day in the life of Amy Page, Field Technician Supervisor at Cascade. No day is the same and every day brings new challenges and things to learn! But it keeps life exciting, and it is why Amy loves her job so much! Amy is pictured with her stalwart team who work tirelessly to provide excellent customer service to all our beloved clients.

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